About Us

BOLD A.Ş. is the exclusive distributor of  ED1000 by MediSpec, headquartered in the United States, with 5,000 installations in 80 countries located on 5 continents across the globe.  

Established in 1992, Medispec is one of the world’s leader in design and manufacture of innovative shock wave technology systems. Shock wave devices are acoustic/ultrasonic wave delivering devices, which are being used for over a decade in the fields of Urology for kidney stones, in the field of Orthopedics for treatment of fractures and spurs. Medispec's low intensity shockwave therapy has also been in clinical use in Cardiology to restore blood supply to the underperfused heart tissue for more than 10 years by mechanism of generating new vessels with proven success. This success lead to another unique innovation; ED1000, this time in Urology for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. For the last 3 years, this revolutionary device opened doors and brought new success for the first time that Erectile Dysfunction can be successfully treated with no medications, no pain, no side effects and long lasting results.

Developed only for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, ED1000 is the only device in the world which has been used in all clinical published studies in medical literature. Underlying mechanism for successful treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is restoration of blood supply to the penis. This task is accomplished by ED1000 low intensity shockwaves stimulating recruitment of stem cells capable of generating new vessels in penis tissue called corpus cavernosum.

BOLD A.Ş. is one of CardioCheck group companies and operating 14 ED1000 centers across Turkey.