Haberler | Revolutionary Innovation for IMPOTENCE

  • A revolutionary new technological innovation; ED1000 Low Intensity Shock Wave therapy stimulates one of body's most important natural healing mechanism; Angiogenetic Stem Cells in the penis leading to new vessel formation with consequent increase of blood supply to restore normal erection mechanism. 
  • Low Intensity Shock Waves are being successfully used for more than 10 years in treatment of coronary heart disease by promoting formation of new blood vessels in undersupplied territories in the heart due to diseased occluded blood vessels. Low Intensity Shock Wave therapy results restoration of blood supply to these undersupplied territories with consequent improvement of coronary heart disease. This success achieved in Cardiology gave an inspiration whether the same technology can be used for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction due to vascular disease. Indeed, it turned out to be a revolutionary innovation for people who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and dependent on medications. ED1000 device is the one and only device in the world capable of delivering low intensity shock waves to penis and providing great success in treatment of this problem using body's own healing mechanism; New Vessel Formation called Angiogenesis.
  • With ED1000 therapy, first time ever, patients with Erectile Dysfunction will no longer need medications, medication dependent patients will need much lower doses and patients unresponsive to medications turn to become responsive to medications.
  • As with the identical therapetic mechanism in the heart, ED1000 therapy triggers natural healing pathways in the penis with vessel forming Stem Cells and restores normal blood supply and erection mechanism. This is succeeded with no medications, no side effects and with long lasting results.
  • With no side effects even in coronary heart disease patients with low intensity shock waves, ED1000 therapy, first time ever in the world offers a revolutionary innovative treatment option with NO MEDICATIONS, NO PAIN, NO SIDE EFFECTS and LONG LASTING RESULTS, all of which are based on activation of body's natural healing mechanisms.
  • ED1000 therapy is offered in 14 centers across Turkey.