ED1000 : Revolutionary  Treatment  for  Erectile  Dysfunction

Returning back to Good Old Days ? 

ED1000 Therapy : NO Medication, NO Pain, NO Side-effects and Long Lasting Treatment

Low Intensity Acoustic Shock Waves delivered by ED1000 device is a revolutionary innovation for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Although the same technology has been in use for more than 10 years in treatment of ischemic heart disease, it has been used in treatment of Eectile Dysfunction only in the last 2 years among thousands of patients with successful results. Now, very first time a treatment opportunity is available with  No Medication,  No Pain,  No Side-effects  and  Long Lasting  Results that  treat the cause of this problem.

What is the treatment mechanism of ED1000 Therapy?

1. Stimulation of natural healing mechanisms; most important of which are Progenitor Stem Cells.

2. Progenitor Stem Cells capable of generating microvessels stimulates growth of new vessels in the penis (Neoendotheliasiation and Angiogenesis).

3. As a consequence of new vessel formation and hence increased blood supply to penis, Erectile Function is restored back to its normal physiologic state which             enables successful and sustainable erection.

What is the success rate of ED1000 therapy?

It successfully treats all types of Erectile Dysfunction of vascular origin which comprises 70% of all Erectile Dysfunction patients, among which Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease are major patient groups. In Mild to Moderate patients, success rate is above 80% in 6 sessions and in Severe patients success rate is above 60% in 12-24 sessions. On the other hand, success rate with oral medications(PDE5 inhibitors) is in 60-70% range. In addition to the well known side-effects and adverse effects of oral medications, about 50% of patients quit using these oral medications because of death risk in patients with coronary heart disease, development of drug dependence/tolerance and the need for advanced planning of sexual activity. The success of  ED1000 therapy is also demonstrated in such a group of Severe patients whom are not responding to drugs and referred to penile prosthesis or direct injections as a last option. In this group of Severe unresponsive patients, ED1000 therapy succeeds to have these patients become responsive to oral medications.

Is it Safe? Any side effects?

ED1000 therapy is a completely safe and non-invasive way of treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. No medications are used and there are no reported side effects. Patients return back to their daily routine life immediately after each treatment session. There are no restrictions in daily life of patients.

Shall I expect any pain either during or after the treatment session? Is any preparation or sedation required prior to each treatment session? What do I feel during the treatment session?

No pain is expected and has been reported to date either during or after ED1000 treatment sessions.There is no requirement for sedation and patient preparation. Some patients report mild tingling sensation during the treatment session which disappears at the end of treatment session.

How long does each treatment session take?

Each ED1000 treatment session lasts about 20 minutes. An ED1000 therapy protocol involves either 6, 12 or 24 treatment sessions depending on severity of Erectile Dysfunction,  with each session minimum of 48 hours apart.  6 treatment session protocol is usually enough to successfuly treat Mild and Moderate cases, while    12-24 treatment session protocol is required for treatment of Severe cases.

Why ED1000 therapy is given in sessions?

It is directly related to the underlying mechanism of  ED1000 low intensity shock wave therapy. Progenitor Stem Cell recruitment causing new vessel formation with low intensity shock waves is a slowly developing natural healing process which requires reasonable time with 6, 12 or 24 therapy sesions.

Where the treatment sessions are given? How patient privacy is protected? Hospitalization required?

ED1000 therapy is given in all types of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics and private doctor offices in Turkey. If requested, patient name will be kept confidential. Each treatment session is given in a private room where only the physician and/or male technologist are present with complete respect to patient privacy. ED1000 therapy does not require any hospitalization.

When is the expected time to feel the success of ED1000 treatment? How long does it last?

Although some patients report a difference after a few treatment sessions,  maximum therapeutic effect is seen 1 month after the last treatment session. As ED1000 therapy is in clinical use worldwide for only 2 years, it has been shown in clinical publications that the success of therapy lasts 2 years. However, clinical studies demonstrating a longer effect are currently undergoing worldwide for up to 4 years or more.

Can ED1000 therapy be repeated in the future?

In general, there is no need to have a repeat therapy except in Severe cases. However, ED1000 therapy can be repeated as many times due to the fact that it is non-invasive, painless and has no side-effects. In severe cases, repeat treatments increase successful results.

Does it effect penis size?

It is commonly reported by patients that penis thickness increases 5mm or more 1 month after the last therapy session.

What is the basis of this technology?

Low intensity Shock Wave therepy has been successfully used in Cardiology since year 2000 for treatment of poorly supplied heart tissue to increase and restore its blood supply via generation of new blood vessels. Low intensity shock waves which are first reflected then focused cause generation of new fine blood vessels in the penis resulting an increase in blood supply and hence restoring successful and sustainable erection. Successful and lasting erection depends on sufficient blood supply to the penis.

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